With Local Columbia Networking Group You Can Get Potential Market

Networking group visit us is the best way to attract customers by word-of-mouth referrals. In fact, this is one type of word-of-mouth referral, itself. There are no others. The main difference is that an associate is passing the word on as opposed to a satisfied customer making a recommendation. When your service level is high enough to encourage customers to refer your service you have hit the ideal situation in obtaining new qualified customers. However, that is the subject for another article.

Notice I used the term “qualified customers”. These new customers are being recommended and will call you because they have a need for your particular service. That makes them qualified because your business associate will not give a referral to you, the insurance salesperson, if the customer is not looking for insurance of some kind.

Networking group with other business people is the second best way to obtain qualified customers compared to the referral of a satisfied customer. You actually have someone looking out for your best interests, namely your networking group associate. They will only refer potential customers who show a benefit to your business as well as theirs. Certainly, they aren’t going to risk their reputation by referring a customer to someone who is not going to treat their customer right. Neither are they going to jeopardize their association with you by recommending a “qualified customer” who isn’t truly that.

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