Typical Features of Victorian European Furniture

Minimalist-style furniture is indeed attractive and in demand by many people. However, this does not dampen public interest in other variations of furniture. One of the favorite furniture designs is European style furniture from the Victorian golden era. The popularity of Victorian-style European furniture originated from the reign of Queen Victoria in England in 1837-1901. At that time, the old English architectural style was very popular and began to spread to various parts of the world. Until now, European furniture with a Victorian touch can still be recognized

Victorian European furniture is usually made of oak, mahogany, and rosewood as a base. These quality woods will produce beautiful and sturdy furniture so that they can be used for a long time. There are various intricate motifs and natural nuances that are synonymous with Victorian furniture. The flower and leaf patterns make this furniture very special and accentuate a vintage feel. You can get that on luxury furniture Gold Coast.

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