Tips On How To Arrange Goods In A Self Storage Unit

A 自存倉 unit is a place to store items while not yet used. The size of the self-storage unit depends on the number of goods that will we save and the sizes which are provided by the company of the self-storage unit.

In storing goods in a self-storage unit, we have to be able to make a good plan for the placement of each of the things so that we will have no problem if, in the future, we still need to use the things stored in the unit. Thus, there are several effective tips that will be able to help you in that matter and they are as follows:

– Class the placement of goods based on the movement of goods (fast-moving, moving medium, and slow-moving). Slow-moving items are better placed in the placement location that could open up opportunities for fast-moving goods placed in a location not far from the exit and entry of goods. You can also limit the area and volume of the placement of slow-moving goods by calculating the placement needs for fast and medium moving goods.

– Propose on management to perform a clearance by removing the damaged goods and less commercial value, create sales programs with special pieces. This action is performed when the planned location for the placement of slow-moving items is not sufficient.

– Optimize the placement of goods by increasing the volume of placement of goods. Goods should also be classified based on the size of the goods. This allows increasing the volume of placement of goods in the location of placement and facilitates the implementation of the arrangement of items.

– Differentiate where to place large quantities and small quantities. A lot of goods with a large size can be arranged close together and given signs to make it easier to find stuff and perform computations goods. Signs can be written uniformly in the upper right corner. As for the medium goods, they can be placed by considering a large number of items. Variations item goods were placed causing the efficiency of the placement location of goods.

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