These Tricks Can Help You Make Cool Whatsapp Status

Where the old WhatsApp status only had text, the new temporary WhatsApp Status allows you to be cool and artistic with stickers, colorful text, and doodles overlaid on images. Here’s our help getting you through it, in the form of a WhatsApp status beginner’s guide. Additionally, if you need more ideas for your WhatsApp status, you can check these Whatsapp status on a trusted website.

– Skip Individual status: WhatsApp status loads automatically – one by one, what if you don’t want to wait a few seconds to move on to the next status. Well, actually you can do it. Tap the screen to quickly skip individual status and move to the next state, through your story. So, while one simple tap will take you to the next state, a long tap will hold the slideshow timer so you can take a long look at the status on the screen.

– Switch between statuses: You can switch between states easily. For checking the previous status, or skip to the next one, use the swipe action. Swiping from left to right gets you the previous status while swiping from right to left takes you to the next state. If you ask us, that’s how we roll.

– Switch camera: When recording video for a status, you can immediately switch front and rear cameras by double-tapping the screen. This feature also works in picture mode.

– Change Emoji color: WhatsApp status allows you to change the color of other emoticons as well. Select the emotion you want to add – by tapping on it, then change the color from the Color palette.

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