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With an automated inventory management system, the wave picking process is made even faster, as picks are scheduled automatically. The assignment is divided into sessions (waves) based on the date, delivery method, and so on. This system reduces human error by helping pickers target which item to pick up next. This method is suitable for use by retailers who usually send a lot of orders with many types of goods and require a super-fast picking process. Packing orders isn’t just about packing things in boxes or wrapping them quickly. This is a moment to make sure that you are sending the right product, to the right customer, in the most efficient way. Two things you should pay attention to here are the packaging size and packaging materials self storage units.

The size of your box can have a big impact on your running costs. The bigger the size of your box, the more it will cost to pay the courier. Having too many box sizes to choose from will also confuse the packing staff, so it’s best to select only a few sizes based on frequently ordered items. Next, pay attention to the packaging materials you use. Make sure the materials are used to protect your goods during delivery and transit but also do not add too much weight to the product and cause high costs of purchase and delivery. It is important to do a thorough evaluation of this so that you will be able to eliminate unnecessarily and replace your product packaging with more efficient ingredients.

Check how long it usually takes to receive goods, including how your staff records incoming items and how they store new arrivals. The manual method usually causes the process of recording and updating inventory to be very long. Therefore, it is important to adopt an automated warehouse management system. Find out the reasons why customer orders are returning to your warehouse. This could be due to product errors, address errors, delivery delays, damage during transit, and others. Analyzing these issues will help significantly improve the performance of your warehousing.

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