Paintball Game Rules

The rules of the game really depend on the type of game being played, for example, a capture flag game where each team is declared to win if it has succeeded in capturing the specified flag, and so on. However, there are basic rules that must be obeyed in a paintball game, especially those related to safety and fair game, including:

It is prohibited to remove the mask/google for any reason as long as the participant is in the paintball arena, whether during the battle or not. Removing the protective face mask is a very dangerous activity because it is very possible that a bullet with a speed of about 200 km/hour hits sensitive organs such as the eye and causes serious injury. Many participants accidentally remove their protective masks when they are shot, fall or their team has lost, this is prohibited. You can visit to get the equipment.

Each paintball gun has a lock for security, instructors usually ask to lock the gun as long as the game is not in progress for security.

The minimum firing distance is 4.5 – 5 meters, shooting at the opponent within the minimum range is very dangerous especially if it hits the face area, even though it is protected by a mask, paint splashes at high speed can get into the inside of the mask, it is also possible for the bullet to hit the part. unprotected, such as the neck, and cause serious injury.

Hit, a person is declared shot and must leave the arena if he is hit by a perfect shot (broken bullets and body paint) on any part of the body. Some games require that shots hit specific parts such as the mask or body and do not count shots hitting the hands or feet.

A person who has been shot must raise a weapon and leave the arena, other participants are not allowed to fire repeatedly for safety reasons.

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