Interested in Studying Medical Marijuana? To New Zealand Only

The University of Technology Auckland (AUT) will open its postgraduate program “The Science of Medicinal Cannabis” starting July 20. Students are then taught the practical and theoretical skills needed in the fast-growing cannabis industry. Students of this department will learn how to process medical marijuana, analyze various types of cannabinoids, and mix medical cannabis products and research cbd hemp oil benefits that can help medical treatment. Students will be provided with advanced knowledge that is relevant to the cultivation and use of cannabis as medicine.

Thus, “The Science of Medicinal Cannabis” is more or less an introductory study program for anyone interested in pursuing medicinal cannabis plants. Education is an important part of New Zealand’s medical cannabis scheme. The industry requires a skilled workforce, so we are moved to introduce this course now. Starting next year we will open various undergraduate and postgraduate programs specifically related to cannabis. New Zealand has legalized medical marijuana, which a specialist doctor will prescribe — or the Ministry of Health’s approval — to eligible patients. The New Zealand Medical Association also supports peer-reviewed, evidence-based medical cannabis research. In August 2018, Hikurangi Cannabis became the first local company to hold a license to process medical marijuana.

Since the passage of the Drug Abuse (Cannabis Medicinal Plants) Amendment Act in December 2018, seriously ill patients have legal protection to use marijuana. Thailand became the first country in Southeast Asia to legalize marijuana for medical purposes in 2018. Herbs containing marijuana were previously also commonly used by Thais in their traditional medicine. But the government wants to harvest the billion-dollar economic potential of this crop. The Thai government is also encouraging technology investment to extract, refine, and market cannabis oil. Thailand already has 25 clinics and 86 hospitals with supplies of cannabis-based medicines. Thailand added that the hospital had requested that this leaf-based medicine be made available in every province within this year.

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